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CBD Packaging

CBD Packaging innovation

Innovation in the presentation of CBD products: a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry Deciphering the code behind the presentation of cannabidiol products is essential in the saturated

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Edible gummies

Food Innovation: Edible Gummies

Innovation in edible gummies: how nutritional value and customization can boost their attractiveness. Edible gummies are dietary supplements containing a variety of vitamins and minerals essential to the human body.

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Pharma packaging

Importance of pharma packaging

Pharma packaging solutions projects Pharma projects are initiatives aimed at developing new drugs to treat or prevent diseases. These projects can be carried out by pharmaceutical companies, universities and non-profit

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Pharma sales

Pharma Sales: A Key Part of the Society

The relevance of manufacturing equipment in pharma sales The pharmaceutical industry is a fundamental part of today’s society, encompassing research, development, creation and pharma sales, through different channels, therefore, it

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