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Pharma sales

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The relevance of manufacturing equipment in pharma sales

The pharmaceutical industry is a fundamental part of today’s society, encompassing research, development, creation and pharma sales, through different channels, therefore, it has an important influence on the health of individuals and animals, which makes it a key point in the quality of life and welfare. At the base of this industrial sector lies the preparation of studies and the development of products (drugs) to prevent or treat a wide range of ailments; their development depends, to a large extent, on one element: pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.  

Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment: an important element of pharma sales

Although one of the most evident aspects of the pharmaceutical industry is its participation in public health, it also collaborates in other aspects that facilitate the development of society, for example: economic contribution, innovation, generation of regulations and employment.  

Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment is indispensable for the products to reach the final consumers and to achieve the desired or established quality, the latter resulting from the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to distribution. It should be noted that the equipment is used at each stage of the drug manufacturing process and is part of the mixing of materials and packaging.  


As for what pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment exists, there is a wide variety created to meet different needs, these are some of the most popular machines: dryers, tabletting machines, granulators, mixers and encapsulators 

The pharmaceutical industry has faced several challenges, especially those related to health emergencies. To overcome them, practices such as good manufacturing practice (GMP) are applied in the production of cosmetics, food, medicines, drugs and medical products in their final presentation for sale to the public.   

Some pharma quotes from the report “Facts and Figures 2021: The Pharmaceutical Industry and Global Health”, prepared by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, provide an overview of the sensitivity and specialization of this field:  

  • The sector employs about 5.5 million people 
  • The share of direct, indirect and induced concepts in the world Gross Domestic Product is 1,383 billion dollars. 
  • It is estimated that, during 2018, the research-based biopharmaceutical industry invested $179 billion.  
  • Approximately, out of 5,000 to 10,000 compounds, a promising one is located.  

Undoubtedly, an huge amount of resources are directed to the pharmaceutical industry and, of course, to manufacturing equipment, but it is also a field that is highly regulated, as governments have several laws and regulations aimed at ensuring the efficacy and safety of products, likewise, reaching the stages of production and marketing of a drug may involve a hard work of analysis.  

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