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White Label Supplements

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Discover every detail of the white label supplements

After the onset of the pandemic, the drugs, supplements and vitamins industry expanded, as the concern for strengthening the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune system, so the sale and production of white label supplements was maximized, in order to help people’s health. But what is known about white label supplements? 

What are white label supplements?

White label supplements are those supplements that are sold under the name of a brand, but are manufactured by another production company specialized in making supplements, the best ones are those that use quality, natural products and are free of animal cruelty. 

How are they produced?

To have this type of items, the interested brand usually works with a full service provider, that is, that third parties are responsible for doing everything to have the supplements, that means that where the productions is ordered must have the following services: 

  1. Excellent production 
  1. Great label graphics design 
  1. Order fulfillment 
  1. Storage service 
  1. Packing and shipping 

What are the benefits of acquiring this type of service?

Since supplements need to comply with certain requirements to be safe for human consumption, hiring certified specialists in their creation will give your company advantages, since you will be able to: 

  • Save time 
  • Have brand loyalty 
  • Expand your market access 
  • Acquire brand recognition 
  • Obtain affordable prices 

For this reason, when choosing the company that will help you create your white label supplements, you should look for experienced and trained personnel so that your products are the best on the market, in order to provide nutrients, vitamins and minerals to your consumers and thus gradually improve their health. 

How can HH Processors help you with white label supplements?

HH Processors is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of proprietary formulas and nutraceuticals, in addition to providing other services for your business, since with them you can hire: 

  • Formulation  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Packing and bottling 

So that you and your brand will benefit, because in addition to having the certainty that the product will be created according to your specifications, they will also be made with high quality natural elements, cutting-edge technology and with GMP certification, animal cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan. 

Take your business to the next level with HH Processors!  

Send an email to and get all the information for your skin care product line. 

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