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Why Add CBD Edibles to your Catalog?

CBD Edibles

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Help relieve pain with CBD edibles!

Physical pain is a part of life and it can be due to muscle strain while exercising, age, medical treatment or an illness, which is why options have emerged to counteract it. If your company wants to be part of the industry that helps reduce or eliminate pain for people, then you should know about CBD edibles. Want to know why you should add it to your catalog? Read on to find out all its features and where you can order it! 

What is CBD and what are its edible forms?

It is a natural oil derived from plants of the cannabinoid family, usually extracted from hemp. Its liquid form can be consumed after a recommended dose of a certain number of drops, but this is not its only presentation, as chews can also be made. 

How does it help treat pain?

This product has been the subject of research in a variety of areas and diseases, and the results of these studies have been as follows: 

  • It reduces inflammation and swelling 
  • It minimizes stiffness and muscle spasms 
  • It is good for arthritis 
  • It is a great support to reduce anxiety and stress 
  • It improves sleep 

All of the this helps to relieve pain, because if a person does not sleep properly or has muscle fatigue, these symptoms can worsen the pain, while if a person rests properly or if their injury diminishes, the affliction can disappear. 

Are there different ways to make CBD oil?

This item can be made in different ways, as it can be pure or a mixture of other elements, for the moment These two types of  CBD edibles were developed: 

  1. Isolated– It contains only pure CBD. 
  1. Broad spectrum: It is a mixture of CBD and other cannabinoids. 

Given the above, which is the best for pain? Both will benefit people, but when taking them for the first time, specialists recommend starting with a medium-strength full-spectrum one and then increasing the dosage. 

This type of information will help you provide your customer with the necessary product according to their profile, since it is not only about reducing pain, but also benefiting the individual’s health, so you can use advantage of this information to provide them the best treatment to your consumers. 

Other considerations for labeling

In addition to including the ingredients, it is important that you add extra elements that will help customers make the appropriate purchase of CBD edibles for pain, some examples are: 

A. Recommended dosage: The most common is one drop three times a day, but most depends on body weight, degree of pain, and type of oil. 

B. Avoid interaction with other pain relievers: It is best not to cross them and if necessary, wait between 2 and 4 hours after taking one to be able to take the other. 

C. Factors involved: Mention if everyone can consume it or if there are restrictions, e.g. some products are not suitable for pregnant women. 

D. Product features: Indicates if it is made from organic hemp and if it is free of artificial additives or preservatives. 

E. Choose a laboratory that supports your vision as a company: If you consider yourself an ecological company or one that supports the environment, make sure that your manufacturer also shares your vision, because if you find that they have palm oil products, it means that they are capable of destroying natural habitats in the production of the goods. 

HH Processors can be your reliable manufacturer!

HH Processors knows how to take care of the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes to guarantee the safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceutical products such as oils, which implies complying with the regulatory norms and social responsibility. 

If you are looking for a customized formulation or covering your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs and if you have a patented formulation, HH Processors can be your ideal partner, since it currently has state-of-the-art equipment helping improve the formulation, manufacturing, filling, and packaging of nutraceutical drugs. 

Find the technology and personnel you need and know the innovating processes which can help you maintain yourself in the pharmaceutical business.   

We are the ideal partner to materialize your business, contact us to know more about the HH Processors services we have!  hhprocessors@igcinc.us 

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