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High Capacity GMP Facilities

15 years of R&D, manufacturing, and nutraceutical experience

Ideal partner to support your business with a variety of service and assist with any custom formulations or manufacturing needs.

Holds over 200 proprietary formulations

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

At HHProcessors, our team manufactures your final products. Our portfolio ranges from gummies,

oral solutions, topicals and more, all you need is a concept and we’ll make the formulation happen.


If you want to launch a brand of gummies, we will take care of the ingredients, taste, shape, and color for you. You can customize each step of the way, down to the packaging. We even offer gelatin-based and pectin-based gummies for our vegan-friendly consumers.


At HHProcessors, we can make tinctures using MCT oil, sesame oil, or an oil of your choice as a carrier. Our excellent flavor profile includes mint, lemon, berries and other natural flavors. Perfected to your taste.
personal protection solution


We standardize our production processes to develop liquid personal protection solutions. We will meticulously combine with ingredients that abide to your specifications and needs. Our formulations comply with the CDC and WHO.


We can create your infused ointments, creams, gels, balms, butters, and other topicals. Choose from a variety of sizes, fragrances, viscosities, & packaging. Turn your dream into a reality.


Stand out from your competitors. Select your supplements to be produced in either capsules or tablets. Optimize their design with our enhanced bioavailability of active ingredients.
Bath salts


Let us bring the spa to you. We can make bath salts, bath fizzes, bath bombs, bath bags, and other products to bring that spa experience to life.

Our Clients

Take advantage of the ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) formulas that we have designed to commercialize your own brand with high-quality products. 

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